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I am a naughty, naughty blogger....  I have been way too busy!  You want to know the worst of it?  I have a job now.  *ducks*  Yeah, I know, the perennial gamer chick has capitulated and gotten a real job.  But it is a gamer girl job!  No really, Im working at home doing tech support for XBox Live.  No, you can't call me.

Also, Fly and I are quitting Aion and going off to a new game.  It's not so much that Aion really has any problems, it's that Aion's makers have decided that their game would be more successful as a PVE oriented game and not a PVP oriented one.  They killed rifting by giving the a buff against rifters, they added a new system that you can only meet up with the other faction under special circumstances, they increased the requirements for AP items but reduced the opportunities for earning AP and made medals untradeable.  Almost all 1 v. 1 encounters (and they are rare) are won or lost based on RMT (para proc, who jumps who first) or gear based with it being, if you have good gear you can faceroll 90% of the population and the other 10% just based on chance.   Here is the last shot of my char.  T__T

But instead of concentrating on this past, Im gonna talk about the future.  First, we are really looking forward to playing Guild Wars 2.  While no one really knows when this is going to be released, pre-orders have just recently gone on sale on sites like Amazon and Game Stop.  A lot of the Aion Avalon group is going to be playing this.  Also, we are going to try TERA but unfortunately there is no real ETA for this one other than next year some time.

Between now and then we are going to be playing Forsaken World.  Here are some facts:

Developer: Perfect World Beijing
Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment
Style: RPG
Genre: Fantasy
Current Status: Development
Beta Testing: Begins October 27, 2010
PVP: Yes
PK System: Yes
Guild vs. Guild: Yes
Guild System: Yes
Fort War System: Yes
Crafting System: Yes
Instances: Yes
World Bosses: Yes
Classes: Warrior, Bard, Marksman, Priest, Mage, Vampire, Assassin and Protector
Region: NA and EU
Distribution: Download
Pay Type: Free 2 Play

If you are interested in playing, we have a pretty comprehensive informational post on our guild forum.  You can go to the game site and sign up for beta testing, I havent heard of anyone getting denied so far.  Ill probably post a bit more often cause I am in between games atm.  ^^