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I suck at posting.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010 , , 4 comments

Yeah I can admit it.  I just work now.  XBox tech support has eaten up my life!  The Kinect launch was crazy, I worked like 65 hours a week.  The overtime was kickass tho.

I wish I could give detailed stories about being an Xbox tech support agent.  The job is mostly cool, chill ppl who game.  But there is this dark part, that small percentage of women who are the unfortunate mothers of 13 year old boys who have access to credit card information.  They make my blood run cold.  Yes, I have heard perfectly sane women say things like, "Xbox is stealing my CC information, not my darling child who would never, EVER do that without my permission."  Yes lady, an xbox agent broke into your home and stole your CC information to character assassinate your dear boy.  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight....

It seems an old image of mine has resurfaced again.  The thread is in SRF somewhere, but here is the original image.  LINK  I made that for my BFF and it just keeps popping back up in the strangest places.  lol

I also got a chance to beta test a game called Rift.  It was OK I guess.  They call it some revolutionary game design but I didnt really see it.  The PVP was less than satisfying and really, that is always the most fun part of any game.  I thought the skills were pretty sluggish feeling and they had a universal cooldown which is always a bummer.  I hate waiting for skills to recharge.

Still waiting for TERA and GW2 to come out so I can test drive them, I have high hopes!  Forsaken World kinda sucked and Rift says it is going P2P.  Really, in order for that to work, it would have to significantly change.

Other than that, there isnt much going on.  Work and more work.  ^^

If you are interested in working an awesome job from the comfort of your home, rescuing troubled gamers, just leave me a comment and Ill give you all the information you might need to get started.  I searched for a long time for this job and Id be happy to share it with other gamers.

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  1. KingreX32 On April 26, 2011 at 12:58 PM

    Sounds like an intresting job. Dont think I could do it though. Call me mean but i have no patience.

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