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Dear diary!

Am I the only one who does this random action?

When i'm in town I usually look through all stalls, and when I see a stall full of sox and random crap, I understand that the guy is new and dont know that the sox is worth 0, I always buy a few items to get him some gold to get started on the server, same for consignment, always buy elixirs that I dont need to feed ppl some gold so they dont quit due to povery, and put in tons of stones into consignment just so ppl can find what they need? I think its a easy geasture thats healthy for the community and more should do it, if you see a newb, help him out, even if you know you'll npc the shit you jsut bought from him

So friday was a active day on the server I heard, I was out all day due to good weather, meaning my guide in previous post failed.

There was 3 parties at naiad ksing eachother, I really enjoyed it, more fun not knowing if you'll get the kill or not
Posted Image

In the evening we decided to level our lowlvls that we recruited from another private server(not naming it but you all know wich one I mean:) )

and we got some thieves coming in invis/stealth zerking us over nad over for a good hour, was fun to combine grinding with pvp, they even whiped us twice meaning it wasnt 100% secure, making the cave fun

When I heard they where adding the job cave, this is what I imagined, thieves and hunters going back and forth slaughtering eachother, and it will get even better with the uniques!

I just must add. This guy "Devils" keeps running around asking me when im going to return his garment egy set that I scammed from him. Reason he started saying this is because I was killing Monsters over and over for stealing a 2hand when he was in Infensus union, calling him a scammer, about 5min later I got the hole SaintSinner cough I mean SainktSinner guild standing around me telling me to return a garmetn set xD

Posted Image

I guess it's a great tactic, if someone accuses you of something, accuse that person of the same thing!

As for some server news. I've seen less and less shadow, but instead i've seen another guild called DarkDivision wich is made out of ex-infensus, a new thiefguild wich is doing really great. They got a good 20* Zenobia told me in the ravine today with 4 people. Guess they should be counted as a threat since they can kill and steal, I hope they'll keep growing, they got a good core, wich is the recipe to a good start for a guild. 
Also I'd like to say WB to Vaya, him and naira are like the good and the bad,they are both wizards, running around in the jobcave all day zerking/offering ppl one is a hunter, one is a thief, both loves jobbing.

I love to see this, and also i've been monitoring activity on server. I like the boast its gotten from Legend 4 first patch, lets hope it keeps going this direction. Only concern is that homesite is going up and down, making less peopl ebe able to find us, download us, join our community. So lets hope it stabilizes asap.

Over and out. 


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Sadly, these short-sighted and dangerous bills won’t do much to stop online infringement – but they will jeopardize our ability to speak and read online with the kind of freedom we cherish in the offline world. Deep-pocketed Hollywood lobbyists are aggressively pushing to control and censor the open Internet, willing to sacrifice free speech and our Internet culture in hopes of controlling how people view their movies and products.
We need to stop this bill before it goes any further. Will you contact your representatives in Congress and urge them to oppose the Internet Blacklist Legislation? Visit:

Introducing....  Silkroad Salvation!

Cap: 70
Skills: 110 (Redesigned to fit 70 cap)
Solo Exp Rate: 4x
Party ExP Rate: 2x
SP Rate: 5x
Gold Rate: 0.5x
Item Rate: 4x
Trade Goods Rate: Some routes are 2x iSro, some are up to 7x iSro
Item Mall: Provides cosmetic and luxury items that will not effect PvP

About a level 70 cap:

High level caps create a huge gap in the community between the start of the game and lowest sustainable party level. A 70 cap server would put the lowest sustainable party level somewhere around crabs, which is something people wont mind soloing to on a 4x solo exp bonus rate. After crabs, parties should be plentiful on a 70 cap legit server. A cap of 80 puts the party level at sungsungs, 90 puts it at the ice, and 100 kills low level parties altogether leaving only power-leveling as a viable way to level up. We want to avoid repeating the mistakes of iSro and that begins with a 70 cap that will not ever go up.

What about higher level content?

Since the files are unlikely to ever be released again, the 110 content we currently have is the only content any vsro based pserver will ever be able to provide. Which means with some reworking, we can tailor fit that content to a 70 cap and offer a vast endgame of repeatable fun content without having to ever raise the cap!

What is unique about Silkroad Salvation?

Silkroad Salvation aims at taking Silkroad to the next level. We want to eliminate the grind treadmill and turn silkroad into a viable game for both casuals and hardcore players. Our main focus is PvP content. We did this by moving Battle Arena onto a 2 hour timetable replacing the lame campfest of CTF. PvP players will not need to grind a second past 70. All there gear will be available via battle arena along with the tablets and elixers needed to pimp the gear out.

PvE players are not left out. We are adding mini-uniques all around the gameworld with drops worth fighting for. PvE instances such as Roc and Pharaohs Tomb will drop gear equivalent to the PvP gear. No matter your playstyle, you will be able to enjoy the game and be competitive.


Official Silkroad Salvation Client

Download the client. Upzip it and launch using silkroad.exe
If you can connect to the login screen, you're good to go!

If you already have a vSro Client

Salvation media.pk2

Salvation sro_client

Download the files. Unzip and put the salvation media.pk2 into
your client folder and overwrite the existing pk2. Then put the
salvation sro_client into the client folder and also overwrite the
old one. Then launch the game. If you did everything correctly,
you should be able to get onto the log in screen.
Over the years I have collected a LOT of images for Silkroad. So I figured Id start releasing them to people that might want them for websites, sigs, whatever. Ill be adding them a few at a time, every few days. When I say I have a LOT, I mean hundreds. lol  So enjoy yourselves and watch for more posts on the imagedump site. 

Hey guys, long time no write.  I should really do this more often, right?  So here is a couple things to take note of.  There was a recent leak of silkroad server files and Avalon has snapped them up.  We are currently in Alpha testing while Fly reconfigures them to better suit legit gameplay.  The stats so far?

70 Cap
All areas accessible for use

I also have a screenshot posted on my google +.  If you are on there and want to add me, feel free!  To get more information about the server, go to where we have a temporary forum set up to answer questions.

I suck at posting.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010 , , 4 comments

Yeah I can admit it.  I just work now.  XBox tech support has eaten up my life!  The Kinect launch was crazy, I worked like 65 hours a week.  The overtime was kickass tho.

I wish I could give detailed stories about being an Xbox tech support agent.  The job is mostly cool, chill ppl who game.  But there is this dark part, that small percentage of women who are the unfortunate mothers of 13 year old boys who have access to credit card information.  They make my blood run cold.  Yes, I have heard perfectly sane women say things like, "Xbox is stealing my CC information, not my darling child who would never, EVER do that without my permission."  Yes lady, an xbox agent broke into your home and stole your CC information to character assassinate your dear boy.  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight....

It seems an old image of mine has resurfaced again.  The thread is in SRF somewhere, but here is the original image.  LINK  I made that for my BFF and it just keeps popping back up in the strangest places.  lol

I also got a chance to beta test a game called Rift.  It was OK I guess.  They call it some revolutionary game design but I didnt really see it.  The PVP was less than satisfying and really, that is always the most fun part of any game.  I thought the skills were pretty sluggish feeling and they had a universal cooldown which is always a bummer.  I hate waiting for skills to recharge.

Still waiting for TERA and GW2 to come out so I can test drive them, I have high hopes!  Forsaken World kinda sucked and Rift says it is going P2P.  Really, in order for that to work, it would have to significantly change.

Other than that, there isnt much going on.  Work and more work.  ^^

If you are interested in working an awesome job from the comfort of your home, rescuing troubled gamers, just leave me a comment and Ill give you all the information you might need to get started.  I searched for a long time for this job and Id be happy to share it with other gamers.
I am a naughty, naughty blogger....  I have been way too busy!  You want to know the worst of it?  I have a job now.  *ducks*  Yeah, I know, the perennial gamer chick has capitulated and gotten a real job.  But it is a gamer girl job!  No really, Im working at home doing tech support for XBox Live.  No, you can't call me.

Also, Fly and I are quitting Aion and going off to a new game.  It's not so much that Aion really has any problems, it's that Aion's makers have decided that their game would be more successful as a PVE oriented game and not a PVP oriented one.  They killed rifting by giving the a buff against rifters, they added a new system that you can only meet up with the other faction under special circumstances, they increased the requirements for AP items but reduced the opportunities for earning AP and made medals untradeable.  Almost all 1 v. 1 encounters (and they are rare) are won or lost based on RMT (para proc, who jumps who first) or gear based with it being, if you have good gear you can faceroll 90% of the population and the other 10% just based on chance.   Here is the last shot of my char.  T__T

But instead of concentrating on this past, Im gonna talk about the future.  First, we are really looking forward to playing Guild Wars 2.  While no one really knows when this is going to be released, pre-orders have just recently gone on sale on sites like Amazon and Game Stop.  A lot of the Aion Avalon group is going to be playing this.  Also, we are going to try TERA but unfortunately there is no real ETA for this one other than next year some time.

Between now and then we are going to be playing Forsaken World.  Here are some facts:

Developer: Perfect World Beijing
Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment
Style: RPG
Genre: Fantasy
Current Status: Development
Beta Testing: Begins October 27, 2010
PVP: Yes
PK System: Yes
Guild vs. Guild: Yes
Guild System: Yes
Fort War System: Yes
Crafting System: Yes
Instances: Yes
World Bosses: Yes
Classes: Warrior, Bard, Marksman, Priest, Mage, Vampire, Assassin and Protector
Region: NA and EU
Distribution: Download
Pay Type: Free 2 Play

If you are interested in playing, we have a pretty comprehensive informational post on our guild forum.  You can go to the game site and sign up for beta testing, I havent heard of anyone getting denied so far.  Ill probably post a bit more often cause I am in between games atm.  ^^