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Long time no post!

Monday, July 26, 2010 , , 1 comments

Mount Erie, WA
Oh, a lot has been going on but I just havent had the oomph to do much blogging lately. So here is a basic rundown of what's been up.

I got a job. OMG!  It's just part time and it started out just because my vaccume cleaner broke and I wanted a really expensive new one. But the job is OK, I think ill keep it for a bit.

I've been going outside. WTF? It totally goes against everything I stand for as a gamer, but yeah, there have been some great outdoor adventures. You can check out my latest adventures here on my flickr account.  All of the recent ones are from Mount Erie on the island next to mine, Fidalgo.  It was a nice day hike and the view was kickass.  RL has the best graphics...

I discovered Squiby.  It's annoyingly fun.  I have always liked those little adoptable websites where you level up some little creature through forum clicks but this one is the mother of them all because its not one artist creating lots of adoptables, its thousands of them.  Most aren't that nice looking but a lot of them are awesome just cause they are all different and unique looking.

I don't really watch much TV anymore except True Blood and First 48.  Now that ninjavideo is gone, I do my watching on  I have even chitchatted on the little chat in there a couple times cause I was bored.  Speaking of True Blood, if you watch it, tell me, was that sex scene where the chick got her head turned around backwards a bit over the top?  I read all the books and that DEFINITELY wasn't in there.  I'm not saying it shouldn't have been, it was just "dot dot dot" for me.

I'm still playing Aion.  They merged a bunch of servers together which seemed cool at first cause there would be more people to play with but they didn't really take into account balance when they did it.  Now Aion has two Elyos dominated servers, one kinda balanced one and one Asmo dominated server.  Doesn't sound too bad until you factor in the free server switching.  Yes, free.  So you are getting roflpwn'd on your server?  Go to one where your faction dominates!  Instead of being a little out of balance, now they are wildly out of whack.  On New Vaizel Eloys are outnumbered 5 to 1.  The good part?  Dredge pops instantly, dailies aren't really a problem and LFG is always full of people talking (OK, QQing, but who's counting).

Oh and on a side note, I got this coupon code from for a free mouse pad.  Mine was old and shabby so I made one.  I got it in the mail on Saturday and it's kickass.  I also sent one to Fly cause the 2nd one was only $1.99.   I <3 being able to make stuff like this and is massive, you can make all kinds of things.  You should check it out and no, this isn't a paid endorsement, I just like the site.  Pictured left is the actual image of the mouse pad I made.  The screenshot I used for my pad is an old one from taking artifacts long before merge.  Good times!