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N.E.O. Online

Friday, April 30, 2010 , 0 comments

Official game description:

N.E.O Online is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG from PlayOMG that gives gamers the most control over the journey. Given the world of gorgeous fantasy, this journey will bring gamers to an ancient time when peace lives with chaos. N.E.O offers possibilities for creating distinctive characters with various professions such as a warrior skilled in sorcery, a wizard who is also a sharpshooter or any combination desired. With a variety of living skills, N.E.O features natural surroundings where gamers can explore the odyssey through fun activities.

My take on it:

I liked the lack of classes, the open skill set and the ability to put your stat points wherever you want.  The map is fairly large with lots of areas to explore on my cow...  yes, you heard me, on my cow.

Like most F2P games, they give you free premium items when you start so that you get used to the feeling and purchase them when they run out.  So they give you a dairy cow rental mount.  It is faster than walking.  I found the endless quests to be inhibiting and the skill casting style to be strange with an SP meter that charges with common attacks.  You use the SP to cast your skills, so you have to be able to take some dmg.  Im not sure I like that every battle with nearly every mob is pretty epic and kinda slow.  The quests aren't demanding but they are spread out so you spend a long time in each area running from this place to that place.  While I like the fact that the quests give you a direction to level in, I dont really like playing the new MMO called Mailman Online.  The server also had some issues with crashing inexplicably and the official forums are full of scary complaints.

Overall it was a nice distraction and I spent a day or two on it.  It wasnt a particularly good game or a bad game, just another mediocre mmo.

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