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Use Vbulletin 4.  That is all you gotta do.  We thought that upgrading our legion site from vBulletin 3.8 to 4 would be awesome.  We were promised great things like blogging and a CMS, all perfectly integrated into the forum.  What we got was a mess and bleeeeeehhhhh!  The CMS was super ugly and hard to work with.  Despite it's convoluted permissions and posting rules, it was plain and not that functional.

The forum itself was slow and clunky.  My host shut it down on a regular basis because it went over the amount of queries it was supposed to have.  It also threw up tons of errors and filled my inbox.  Most of these errors came from mods that werent installed anymore.

So we deleted it.  Yup...  DELETE.

We went back to our old setup of Joomla + PHPbb3.  It looks nicer, has no errors, has way less queries and someone using 56K can load it in a reasonable time.  It's a shame the legion wasted it's money on vB 4.  We just assumed that if vBulletin 3.X was good, 4.X would be even better.  NO!

Avalon also has a new domain name, tho it's not functional quite yet. will be the new home of Avalon.  We didn't bring the forums with us, we literally just deleted them, so if you want to sign up there, you gotta make a new account.

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