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Sunday, October 11, 2009 , , 0 comments

Well no, not really but I did when Aion opened. A lot has happened in the last couple weeks. Avalon is of course the largest legion with the most Abyss points on our server. We hold a fortress which we defend nearly every evening. Aion doesn't work the same way that SRO does because it's faction vs. faction. We defend our own plus any other fortresses that are held by Elyos. That was three till last night. (I'll get into that later)

I leveled up to 38. That is not super high level but it's at the head of the curve. I am constantly distracted by the multitude of other things to do in this game. Crafting takes up my time every so often, gathering has to be maintained and Ive been kinda leveling my aether gathering up when no one is looking. I'm playing with the Broker, trying alternative ways to make kinah on other chars on my account. Ill make a post about it once I get some solid ideas.

Currently, the bane of my existence is KRALL MOLARS. Innocent little drops from Elite mobs that give blue gears. I want them all. Im leveling too fast in that area tho and I think you kinda outlevel the place around 42. Im getting closer.... Right around 35, till around 42 the game gives you grindy ways to get a full set of blue gear. While anyone can get the same gears, most throw up their hands in disgust at trying to get 100 or 150 krall molars or each piece (in a group that means you get 1 for every 6 mobs). I am determined. I have the pants cause I wanted them more than the shoes but the shoes and hands are next. The messed up part is you do it all over again in another area for blue jewelry. Right after that you do a campaign quest and get a blue helm. Viola, full blues.

So here are some screens from the last week. They start with an image from a cutscene I just thought was cute cause it showed the actual party (yeah, in order from L to R that is AkillerX, me, Spanktastik, Corrupt, KanjiX and Fly) and go through fighting in instances, fighting bosses, winning the fort, the Dredgion and some nice scenery.

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