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So, its been forever since I updated my blog. I've been a busy gamer girl. Ill start giving you tidbits relating to Aion a lot more often now that I have capped out and am settling into a routine. Let me tell you what's been happening.

First of all, I really liked my gladiator char, Nightbloom. It was tough and simple, straightforward fighter and for me, a bit boring. I thought that would wear off but as I leveled (all the way to 47) I liked it less and less. It was slow to me and kind of useless in a party. Not totally useless so dont start sending me hate mail all you glads out there, but it seemed I wasnt as strong as a tank and didnt dish out as much DPS as a Scout class. People will add glads to their party if they need a spot filled but I spent most of my time kinda regretting my char.

Fly and I talked about me rerolling and after much soul searching (ok it was more whiny than I let on) I thought about some games I played lately that I really liked and the last one was Twelvesky 2. The game isnt that good, but I loved the PVP arena and my glass cannon build. So I decided to roll as a Sorcerer.

Let me tell you, after beta 3 through 6 and leveling to 47, rerolling is pretty easy and fast. Sorcerers in Aion are more burst class than straight DPS with some heavy duty crowd control thrown in. Staying alive is frisky business, let me tell you. I love dancing around people who are trying to kill me and turning them into old trees (Curse of Roots skill). Also, partying is so much more of an engaging thing as a sorc. Unlike my glad that just whacked at the mob the party has targetted I am forced into a far more active roll which is so much more attention hogging.

So that is my sorceress, Nokomis.  Yes, this game has beautiful graphics with some help from an image editor.  (Minor help, I assure you.)  Nightbloom the Gladiator has been retired to her own legion, TheEMPIRE of my early gaming days to await my future interest should I have any.  Im sure I am not done with her completely.  I still love the idea of the Silkroad glaiver in Aion with my spear toting Amazon warrior woman. 

Like I alluded to above, I will endeavor to be more attentive to my blog.  There are a lot of things to talk about in Aion and I will try to give you a few.

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  1. Tasdik On January 15, 2010 at 6:33 AM

    Amazonian warrior woman are hawt <3. Just sayin' = p

    Kronik On January 15, 2010 at 10:01 AM

    glad to finally see an update on your blog! im an avid reader of it, i really enjoy it! i wish you good luck with that sorcerer :)


    Anonymous On January 31, 2010 at 10:47 AM

    Ah the similarities between your character and you are unbelievable. the dumbfound look on your face, the horns, the sexy lingerie... in fact, if it wasn't for the background being obvious, I'd have thought you were just going to the supermarket >_>