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So I discovered LiveStream and it was pretty fun to have my friends who didnt have the Aion beta key yet watch us all play. It sends a live feed with a 5 second delay of my game to the internet where anyone can log on and watch. We have it linked to our website at or you can watch it at the LiveStream website.

When Im not live, it streams old Silkroad Online movies I made cause I didnt have anything else to put on there and its a good history of the guild Avalon anyways. I was online broadcasting for about 7 hours today and will be doing it again in the morning.

All the old Avalon gang is together also. Asyamura bought the game, Corrupt is downloading it as we speak and I heard to Khaara is supposed to join us before this beta weekend ends. So grab your popcorn and join Avalon on Aion.

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