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Yeah, we are really loving this game. So far, the community has been top notch, not what we are used to in Silkroad Online. Avalon is steadily growing larger and the people we have been meeting are fantastic. Ive taken lots of screens. You can see a lot of them here: My Picasa and at WeGame also. I hope every single gamer out there has made an account at WeGame. They have added Aion to their huge list of games and are building up a real catalog of videos and screens, mine included. The quaility is also far superior to anyone else's.

I also made a quick video of us goofing around. I was testing the new computer's ability to record nicely. It does fine.

Oh also, my cat really likes Aion, she was really into it.

Do you know how hard it is to play with a cat head in the way? I should probably give you more information about game play than I have been doing. But really, Aion isnt that unique in the way of gameplay. It's like the hybrid offspring of a Korean MMO grindfest and a Western MMO Quest based model. It's attraction is it's graphics, it's PVP and it's polish. Even in the beta there arent that many bugs. I think the worst thing I can say about it is the fact that you can fly and not swim. You would think that they would be really similar tasks! I did read somewhere that they will work on swimming but dont quote me cause I dont remember where.

So if you are going to be playing Aion, Elyos race, and want a good Legion, check out Avalon.

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