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This is JoyMax's press release for their recent, GNGWC inspired no doubt, war on bots. It was effective for maybe 12 hours at which point thousands of gold bots streamed back into the game. Not only that, it was only gold bots and player bots were unaffected. Yes, I know I dont play Silkroad anymore but really, this was even Failblog worthy....

Here’s a common story in the world of MMO gaming: bots. You know, those phantom players that seem to be gobbling up all the resources in the game, so they can resell them to other players who are too lazy to do the work themselves. Joymax is one company that wants to try and do something about bots in its games.

Today it announced the launch of the Clean Campaign in the fantasy MMORPG Silkroad Online. Through a brand new internet robot (aka “bot”) detecting system, Joymax will identify and restrict all Silkroad Online accounts associated with illegal automatic hunting programs. The campaign is designed to alleviate server congestion and enable players to enter the game with greater ease, the company said.

We strive to provide a high-quality gaming experience for Silkroad Online players,” said Jina Song, General Manager at Joymax. “Through this campaign, we will be addressing the technical challenges posed by bots, and improving the performance of the servers for our community.

During the Clean Campaign Joymax will host several community events that engage players as well. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming community events.

To learn more about the Clean Campaign for Silkroad Online, visit the official website at

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