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I recently had a couple of RL new additions to my household. Cuteness first. This is my cat, Ferocia.
I love her. This is the story. I have been petless for many years. I moved into a condo and I didnt want to have the hassle of more pets since I had recently had a cat hit by a car. Years pass... about 8 or so. Then my teenage daughter brings home this little charmer. At first I am like NO WAY. NO CATS. I vow to take her to the pound the next day cause she is too small to toss out. That evening, we play with the kitten and then she leaps up on me, curls up in the crook of my arm and starts purring. Oh... Who can resist that? Not only does she purr and is a load of fun when she is awake, I think dont think Fly would have let me live it down if I had gotten rid of her anyways.

The second new addition is my new Alienware computer. It was hard to take a pic of cause its under my desk (dont look at the dust, I mean who dusts under desks anyways!). Its big. I tried to get the cat to sit in front of it so you can kinda see the scale but she is contrary. I mean, her name is Ferocia.
So now I can play Aion without lagging. Im not gonna say how much I paid for it but let me assure you, the cat is WAY cheaper, even after the vet visit and the carpet covered cat mansion. (If I was a cat, Id want one) The comp's details are on my xfire page, so if you are that kind of curious, you can go there and take a look. I logged on SRO yesterday to see what the game looked like with full graphics on my new 24 inch full HD monitor. WOW The difference is like night and day. I dont miss Silkroad. That game is full of morons. lol Except the 10 remaining legits that is.

Well hey, see you in Aion.

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  1. hamst3rf1sh On August 10, 2009 at 1:26 AM

    Hi there Girl Gamer. Came across your blog while searching for fellow games bloggers to follow and found your page to be a delightful read. Needless to say I am now following you and look forward to reading your future posts.

    p.s I seriously envy that beast of a machine that you have under your desk :D