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I have been playing MMOs for about 6 years. 99% of them have been free ones. All free games have a generous slice of human existence and what I mean by that is; you have your knights, your maidens and your shady serfs. I have had more than my fair share of shady serf contact of a negative nature so trust me, Ive learned to be a wary maiden.

I like to enjoy all aspects of a game and am lucky enough to be able to run my computer all night long so I generally stall at night. One morning, I wake up, get my coffee and sit down to do some writing as I look over my stall. Then I get a PM from Pinoyballa.

He says, ","

I answer, "?"

He doesn't reply so I watch a few minutes and go back to writing. The only contact I have ever had with him is of course when he offered me a ridiculous amount of Jeon for my M3 elite chest. I didn't wish to sell it at that time, we talked back and forth because apparently he really thought I was silly for not selling it. Im ok with being silly in the name of good defense.

So back to my story. A few minutes later I get a PM from a guy named Flip something, a name I never saw before and he asks me about the chest. I tell him Im in a stall and writing right now but I would be happy to show him the chest later. He chitchats a few minutes and then goes quiet. About 5 minutes later, battle is announced, I go to it and when it ends, he again PMs me. I am kinda annoyed but I say FINE, Ill show him.

I tell him it will be a minute cause I have some items in the trade window and while I am transferring items, he says a curious thing.

"How do you make money? I am so broke!"

I ignore that and get the Elite from my storage, put it in the trade window and offer the trade. It's auto denied. I try a couple times and then PM him and tell him to turn on his trade. He says it is on, he must be bugged. I tell him to relog then and he does but still the trade doesn't go through.

"Put it in a stall." He says, "No one has 999,999,999 Jeon"

Red flags and whistles of course go off. Not only do ppl have WAY more than 1 bil Jeon, those that do have already assured me they are willing give it to me for the item.

"The people who have offered me more than a bil gold for the chest have that much gold and I dont want to sell, so go to my xfire and look up the screen." I say.

I tell him goodbye and reset my stall.

The moral of the story? I dunno... Maybe it's that some people don't take "NO" for an answer or that if they haven't had good luck, they are willing to take someone else's. The best rule is: If you think you want something, never, ever let it be in a position where someone can take it no matter how unlikely it may be. I'm not accusing anyone of anything, I'm no Nancy Drew. You can draw your own conclusions.

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