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I did a review a while back for a small game called Warrior Epic. It was a cute game but got kinda repetitious for me and wasn't really my cup o' tea but still a good game. A couple Avalon people continue to play it though, namely Argonaut and Corrupt.

Well, we gave them the Avalon guild and wished them luck and high tailed it over to TwelveSky 2 where Fly and I are currently playing. Argo made a char and I think he likes it but then today, Fly tells me the cutest story about Avalon in Warrior Epic.

They decide to have a contest where they are gonna wipe all the guilds' points and at the end of the time period, whatever guilds have the most points (received from players completing missions) wins 50 gold per member and the leader gets a teeshirt.

Needless to say, Avalon has the largest guild in the game because Argonaut, recognizing that they had no guild limit, just thought he would see how many he could cram in it. lol 1.4K members later, everyone is screaming that there isnt anyone left to join guilds that AREN'T Avalon. Even the Game Masters....

Here is the thread where everyone is once again screaming that age old cry of, "Fack Avalon!" because not only did Avalon win first place, but it won second place as well because of course, Argo had to make AvaIon as well. So I say GG Warrior Epic! You got Avalowned!

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