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IGameLegit Revamped

Wednesday, June 24, 2009 , , 0 comments

Because Fly and I are eagerly awaiting the opening of Aion, we have completely redone IgameLegit in an Aion theme. This was a mostly handcoded and designed theme done by Fly and I with some help here and there from various friends of the forum.

We also added an Aion section and minimized the Confederation section to be equal to both Aion and those legits at tSRO. So if you havent heard about this new game Aion, you must be living under a rock...

Review: Aion Beta Weekend from

After my last entry about some of the upcoming MMOs, luck would have it that I was able to get a chance to play Aion during one of their recent beta preview weekend type events. Today I am going to try to give you my impressions from playing during the recent weekend event that had a level limit of 10, but did allow players to make characters from both of the game's factions. While I will be the first to admit that 10 levels is hardly enough to review much of anything, but I think I got a chance to sample the game and take a look at various aspects that were present.

Just to recap quickly here before I get started, I went into this with a few preconceptions about the game in terms of graphics, polish, and whether or not the game would be bringing anything new to table. I have seen some pretty remarkable screenshots of the game, so graphically I set the bar pretty high. The game has also been out in a foreign market for a while, so I expected a fair amount of polish. In terms of innovations I approached Aion with fairly low expectations. As soon as the log-in screen popped up as seen above, I felt somewhat reaffirmed that graphically I would not be disappointed. So with all that being said, let's get started!

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