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So Legend IV Plus: Roc update has been announced on silkroad online's official website. The actual release date hasnt been announced yet, but it seems like they are really trying to pack a lot of content into this update, including a new client. That means a small hope of bot relief for you you legits out there. Maybe this time they'll do it!

New Areas

New areas are being added such as Gate of the Sovereign, the entryway to the Roc Mountain dungeon and the Roc Mountain Peak, where you encounter Roc himself.

New Monsters

Roc and his minions are being added. Roc is of course the level 107 boss. He also has some friends he is bringing. source: Konpaku

Roc the Monster Bird - Level 107
Devil Shaitan - Level 105
Gnome the Earth Elemental - Level 100

Sylph the Wind Elemental - Level 100

Undine the Water Elemental - Level 100

Salamander the Fire Elemental - Level 100

Rocky Javanis - Level 95

Rocky Malik - Level 99

Wind Tribe Duke

Seal Stone of the Essense - Level 100

New Quests

A whole new set of quests that must be done in order to enter the Roc Mountain Peak that you must be level 80 to begin.

New Items

3 new sets of armor that glow like Seal of Sun. Light armor, heavy armor and robe. They look the same for both Euro and Chinese and have effects like SOSun on headpiece and shoulders. Also they are adding a 32 slot inventory expansion that is permanent. You buy it once and it works forever. Handy for all those drops you get at high levels. (yeah, Im kidding)

New Glows

They are changing the way weapons glow after +5 so warm up your alchemy muscles! Want some tips? Check out my own guide here!

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