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OMG ELITE ARMOR!! Its super rare and worth a dumpload of money. I just wanted to show it off.

What I really wanted to write about was my new XFire clan for 12sk2. It's empty and its kinda bothering me. lol Im trying to promote it a little without interfering with my Silkroad Online business. So if you play 12sky2 or even 12sky1, join it. (nevermind, I disbanded it. I just dont have enough time to push ppl into it. I just joined someone else's. Im so lazy!)

I like how xfire keeps people together and keeps them talking. It's also a great place to learn about new games and to see what your friends are playing. I mean, maybe you wanna try it or always wanted to! So if you arent already using xfire, try it. It's packed with features.

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