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Ill warn you right away. The real title for this article should be +5 and higher: An SRO Fairy Tale. There are a lot of theories and myths surrounding plussing in SilkRoad. Ill give you some of the more colorful ones, hey you never know, they might work for you. These are the top 20 plussing myths that came from talking to people who were successful at making +5 and over.

  1. Leave the item in the bank for a day between plusses.
  2. Zoom all the way into your char and look up at the sky.
  3. Go someplace on the map with no lag and no players like the dark cave.
  4. Do it naked (in game naked).
  5. Only plus your item in direct sunlight or shade.
  6. Cover the alchemy window with another window and dont watch it.
  7. Wear an item that you were wearing when you plussed successfully before.
  8. Use the item till its dura is low and then plus it.
  9. Plussing an item with low stats and no blues is easiest.
  10. If an item fails a lot, its a dud and wont ever plus for you.
  11. Get a running start and plus while you are running.
  12. Fail an item that you dont care about first.
  13. Plus as fast as you can in a laggy place, like Hotan Storage
  14. Transfer the item and the elixirs to a level one char and use it instead of the higher level.
  15. Hold the item in the #1 inventory slot and the lucky powders on the 2nd page.
  16. Take the item where you train and do it in between monsters you kill.
  17. Plus your item while wearing your job suit.
  18. Go to a "special place". (some are listed below, but there are many of them)
  19. Go to a ferry and cross it after every fail to "reset" the item.
  20. Close the alchemy window before the animation is finished.

Places that people think are lucky include:
  • The railing at east Hotan behind the jewler
  • The stairs at Jangan nearest the teleporter
  • On the mountain at Chasers
  • In the arena where Lord Yarkan spawns
  • Stand inside the short, fat palm trees at S Gate Hotan.
  • Under the water outside of Hotan
  • At the back of the north building in Hotan, where the guild NPC is
My own guaranteed method of plussing an item is of course buying it plussed already from AlbelNox or paying Spanktastik to plus it after I buy it. I have a lovely +5 set of light armor and +7 rod and shield using this method, so I guarantee it will work.

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  1. Ervin Ling On April 15, 2009 at 8:46 AM

    Well... i guess, it all about luck and GM giving u chance... ur theory if is possible, i think u are GM then ^^

    Safoda™ On June 19, 2009 at 5:14 PM

    Thats possible on Ecsro and i tell you why its possible... soo simple has this... it's a modified server with different rates... soo they made the videos like showing oh +4+5+6+7+8+9+10 yes^^!!!What i wanna say its this is not possible^ It's only LUCK soo no way (in my opinion)... even thought its difficult to plus items. They made like everyone has rates equal to premium gold and if u want more u can buy premium plus... actually little stupid but ppl sure buy it.

    Im not a new player in silkroad... and i never got the max lvl too lol... im still playing trying to grind myself to lvl 100 (28lvl's to go) ^

    A little thing just for people who doesn't know what means luck:

    Luck is Force that determs and regulate all events, and whose cause is attributed to chance or the circumstances of an alleged predestination.

    Sry if made mistakes^
    Im not english