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I know that the layout of your blog is something like branding but I enjoy messing with it too much. I look at more than anyone and I get tired of the way it looks! I find that searching through templates, rearranging things, making new graphics, and everything else that comes with making a new blog layout, to be a calming act.

I especially like when it gives me trouble. I get to sous out the problem and try to fix it. WOOO. I know, Im a total intarweb nerd but I dont care. So this is my new theme. It took me about 4 hours from, "Hmmmm I think Im gonna change my layout!" to "If I mess with it any more Ill break it." I did use a premade template cause I really, REALLY dont have the oomph to completely design a new one. I will one day but Im afraid that will take the lighthearted fun out of redoing it so often.

So anyways, enjoy my labor of love and try not to make fun of me for my nerdness. Note that the theme has shifted from Silkroad Online to Aion. Yes, I think I have found a new home for a while or Im just adding to the hype for this game. All I know is I have been waiting for it to open for years now and FINALLY it seems to be looming on the horizon. (9/22/09 in NA) So good luck to those staying in SRO.

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