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Apparently, at some point Silkroad Online's Community Manager changed yet again. Silkroad Online eats more CMs than any other online game EVER and we never even know their names!

Here is an interview I discovered today. I think the CMs comment about botting is the most colossal understatement ever made about SRO. But apparently they are trying to get some GMs. That might be a good idea.

Silkroad Online: Interview with Community Manager Rob Alvarez

Mobin Koohestani, the latest member of The MMO Gamer’s writing team, debuts today with an interview with Joymax Community Manager Rob Alvarez. The interview focuses on the company’s most successful game, Silkroad Online.

Today I am joined with Rob Alvarez, the community manager for Joymax USA. Joymax is not only the developers of the free MMORPG “Silkroad Online”, however they are known for others such as “Dark Eden”, as well as “Deco Online”. Now the primary focus for today is about their hit game “Silkroad Online”. So without further ado, I’d like to ask Mr. Alvarez some questions about the main concept and idea behind “Silkroad Online”.

The MMO Gamer: What was the main intention you had planned that Silkroad Online would bring to other MMORPG players?

Rob Alvarez: To set it apart from the the bevy of MMO titles already out there, Silkroad Online was intended to be a step back in time in terms of place setting and story. Silkroad Online was also intended to open players up to a new experience that differed from most traditional MMO games, starting with a broad set of unique and amazing skills and jobs. Silkroad Online has always been about the power of choice, especially in terms of character development and the constant struggle between the merchants and thieves along the Silk Road trade route. More than anything, we wanted the players to feel the constant, daily challenges facing the inhabitants of the Silk Road.

The MMO Gamer: What sets Silkroad Online aside and unique amongst other MMORPGs?

Rob Alvarez: I think Silkroad Online really brings historical elements and classic tales to the forefront of modern gameplay. Through the use of our triangular system, players have the option to walk the path of the merchant, thief, or hunter. Through this gameplay mechanic, players are able to see firsthand how their actions impact the trading economy in ways both negative and positive. The Fortress War system also makes players more inclined to guild up with other players, allowing them to control the grounds and taxes within each respective location as the conquering guild.

The MMO Gamer: What are some of the newer aspects that have been brought in Silkroad Online recently?

Rob Alvarez: A number of things have been added to Silkroad Online quite recently, including the Qin Shi dungeon, Magic POP system, and an increased level cap. In addition, our next expansion, Legend IV Plus, will be released later this year and will feature new weapon effects, new mobs, new quests, and an entirely new dungeon for users who are level 80 and above to explore.

The MMO Gamer: How strong has the game progressed from its original release?

Rob Alvarez: Originally we only had the Chinese race to play and a fraction of the land to cover. Since then, we have added the Europeans as a playable race and expanded to cover the lands between Europe and China with dangerous baddies and treacherous dungeons. We focused on giving our fans and dedicated players something fun, and Silkroad Online developed a strong following as a result. We anticipate that as time goes on, it will continue to pull in curious onlookers who are searching for something new.

The MMO Gamer: What changes do you hope to make, if any in the future?

Rob Alvarez: Our top priority at the moment is increasing Game Master support to combat the rise in botting issues that we’ve experienced. No online titles are ever completely free from hackers and cheaters, but we are continuously working towards implementing additional security measures that allow us to provide Silkroad Online players with the best possible experience.

The MMO Gamer: What in your opinion is the biggest accomplishment about Silkroad Online?

Rob Alvarez: Honestly, we see our biggest accomplishment as the continued growth and development of the community globally. Despite the trouble makers that are present in our servers, Silkroad Online really is a fun and entertaining game with so much to offer players who really engulf themselves into our world. Even with all of the other free to play games out there, we continue to maintain and grow our active base of players. It is truly a blessing that after all this time people still want to play Silkroad Online and see what new features and content we have in store for them.

The MMO Gamer: What do you foresee for Silkroad’s future within the upcoming year?

Rob Alvarez: Change. Like Obama, but with less political discussion and more action. This will mean a shift in direction and a better understanding of how to make Silkroad Online more and more enjoyable to play as time goes on. Also, the Legend IV Plus update will be released soon and it will bring with it a new dungeon. That means more mobs, new quests, and the potential for new unique drops, as well.

The MMO Gamer: Do you feel that if the game continues to expand, any additional monthly or service charge fees would be applied?

Rob Alvarez: No, I do not see that happening at any point. We would never do something that could upset the balance between faithful users and the continued development of the game. Our CEO wanted to develop something for everybody, not just the people who would pay to play. That said, there could be additional types of services offered in the future, but no plans are currently outlined in our product roadmap.

The MMO Gamer: What incentives are given to players from Silkroad Online?

Rob Alvarez: Our main incentive to players is providing high-quality content. Whether that means major web events or new skills and weapons, it is our duty to provide users with unique ways to enhance their Silkroad Online experience.

The MMO Gamer: In your opinion, is there going to be a lot more added to the game as time continues?

Rob Alvarez: Personally, I do not see an end in sight for the content and expansions we keep developing, but it really is up to the community. As long as we have the player interest and fan support, the possibilities of what we can add and build upon within Silkroad Online are endless.

The MMO Gamer: Thank you for answering our questions!

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