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I installed and built this Silkroad Online website toplist site a long time ago and it never really took off. I also haven't ever marketed it or posted about it either tho. So here is my lame attempt to catch up on some backlogged work.

The point is to give your small site some exposure and a directory of sorts at the same time. I'm looking for bloggers, small forums, guild/clan sites and information/build tool sites to make a banner and sign up. The topsite then gives you a link to post at your site. If it's in the top 3 (for now, 5 later) then your banner will show up, giving you some free advertising. The people who are doing the looking/voting are also being exposed to everyone else's website and everyone gets a little more exposure than they had before. I keep the sites clean and make sure there aren't weird porn sites or malicious sites getting posted. Also, your site doesnt have to be about Silkroad, just gaming in general is fine.

Ill also be setting up an affiliate/partner box so if any other topsite owners want to exchange banners or links, just send me a message via the contact box here on the blog or on the Topsite itself.

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