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Legits pwn PVP

Thursday, April 16, 2009 , , , 0 comments

This fortress war was scary.... for about ten minutes. Fly overslept and didnt show up, I had to drag out the call list and wake some people up cause I started out with two Avalon parties of 5 and one tank and only one person could repair the gate. Grim.... *nods*

So we say, "Screw it" cause the best defense seems to be a balls out offensive. At least that is what we did. Our little undermanned parties just ran out and decimated three guilds full of botters while the lower levels stayed inside the gates and snipred them. I think we only got totally wiped three times. After my initial "OMFG" it soon became quite evident that despite our farming wizards and tank shortage, we still haven't lost our edge. The rest of the union came out and together, we smashed them over and over. The bots got wiped, the rogue party destroyed their command posts and even Corrupt lightened up and started joking around after about 15 minutes.

Im still pretty pissed at Fly for not showing up. *plans evil payback*

So we are the Fortress winners yet again on Venus, both Avalon and Odyssey. The bots always give up half way through and the guy we were killing 10 minutes ago is now globaling, "Tomb Taxi Pls!! I pay good!" The bots tried to party for a while to get better at PVP but they gave up about 2 weeks after the cap raise. They think we win cause we are organized. (Some bot thinks it's because there were two lvl 6X wizards inside, shooting through the gate. LOL!!! zomg h4xxx!!) We arent. We win cause we dont bot.

Special thanks to the union guilds who signed up and showed up. I saw so many people out there doing what they were supposed to be doing and doing it well . You guys really do rock. The group that takes out the command posts reminds me of the pitchfork waving mob in those old black and white movies.

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