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I dont mean that in the way you think I do.

I love Fortress War. It has to be the single most amazing thing that JoyMax has ever added to SilkRoad Online. PVP is so much fun. I never knew how aggressive I could be until I discovered the joys of killing someone online and then doing the laugh emote over their dead body. OK, it's childish. I know that. I also dont care. It satisfies some deep female thing (for lack of a better word) to dominate some jackass 2x irl ahole and let him know that it was a girl who did it.

Anyone who knows me irl would say that I am a really relaxed, not quiet, but at least calm, cool woman. I do not argue with people and I do not get into fights. I think that I have learned a kind of confidence from gaming that I cant decide if it's from the company I have kept or from just having the freedom to say what I think and not care about the consequences.

Anyways, FW kicks ass. I am a cleric yet I still get those kill counts. I wish more people would fight us, I like the outrageous odds of our two parties vs. 200 attackers. I cant say I thoroughly enjoy it at the time it is happening cause I get rl tense, but I love that win. I love the pumping up that goes on beforehand, the sessions in Ventrillo where we tell eachother we cant lose. Of course, everyone should know that is really Avalon's secret to winning 26 straight fortress wars without a single loss.

But here is the way in which FW REALLY kicks ass. I have had 3 hours of sleep in the last 24 hours and I am so tired, I will probably delete this entry tomorrow because it is incoherent.

Goodnight and good luck in all your PVP endeavors.

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  1. Prispilla On December 14, 2008 at 6:07 AM

    How you do go on.