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I love this new suit! I know, it wasnt anything like we thought it would be. I mean, 28 day rental??? Kind of a rip off but it sure does look awesome! I got a lot of the update details before hand and I really pored over them but there is no subsitute to seeing it on your char in person. I probably wont renew it, just play with it for a month. The rest of the update was interesting.

Apparently you cant own two fortresses. We looked at the sign ups and the button is grayed out. =( We tried to go around and test all the walls and apparently JoyMax fixed the wall hack for the new fortress. Too bad they didnt fix it for the old one. We keep reporting it, but they keep ignoring us.

As for the new fortress, there is a big buff about who is gonna take it. My own guild cant participate, we already hold the older fortress and the game wont let us hold two at once (we could SO do it). We are encouraging our union guilds to man up and go for it. We think they have the manpower to hold a fortress of their own while we defend our own. For more information about the new update, you can visit the silkroad wiki.

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