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ZX Online... Meh... Another Perfect World title from China. Signing up was easy. DL was great if you can DL a lot of files at once. The torrent sucked. The graphics are nice. Character customization is ZERO. There were like 6 faces and 6 hair styles and then in game, all the head pieces make your hair look like everyone else. I know, that isnt that important to all gamers, but I think the way my char looks is a big deal. The play was clunky and weird. When you click a mob, your char doesnt attack it right away, there is a built in delay that makes no sense. The engrish directions (this is a Chinese import) were not helpful. The quests were incomprehensible and the auto travel feature that I usually LIKE in a game is only partially functional. It will send you to an NPC that isnt there. Oh we got free double XP for 2 hours and OMG it was so slow to level. Im afraid this is a low leveling grind fest.

It does look nice. I think if they cleaned it up and fixed the problems with the quests, the clunky attack, the sluggish leveling and the auto travel, Id play it for a bit. Ill log back in it tomorrow and test out some PVP. Here is a fansite (I think, its where I briefly tried to wade through the completely incomprehensible ingame language and then gave up and tried to wing it). Its called ZX Mania here on Blogger. Oh yeah... Special thanks to Corrupt for always being willing to DL some weird beta and start it with me. ^^

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