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So.. the wiki is finally fully functional.

I am so glad to see that back up and functional. I did a lot of work in there and a lot my guild mates and union mates did as well. I think the biggest contribution came from DarkAshlin and Pi tho and they are both hardcore legit players.

You know, adversity makes you really get a clear look at people. Some you know about but others that just take you by complete surprise. People that I had thought were my friends turned out not to be and others that I thought werent turned out to be very supportive. I could survive with Fly alone but its nice to know I have some good and loyal people out there are arent just decent for gain. Id like to thank Fly, Corrupt, Guardia and everyone else that gave me that support. Without you guys to lean against, i would have been down and out a long time ago. Its funny how many people say you cant have real friendships online...

To everyone coming here to find some kind of explanation. You wont get it. I walked away. I didnt accuse anyone of anything, I just walked off and let them have it. I needed my own space and my own site that belonged only to me. I am good at building sites. Despite the accusations, Fly and I made IGL alone. Cruor came to install his creations after it was all up and running. He fixed a couple things... He always does. That brilliant kid is amazing to me. To anyone with an ounce of reason reading this... Why do you think that THC is standing alone at SRA and everyone else who ever really put in an ounce of effort there is working over here now?

So Im gonna have to make a blog roll now to get all the new sites listed. Im becoming a one woman network of websites. I also downloaded a brand new beta that I havent had time to play, but i will tonight because I think that Corrpt is gonna start it and test it with me. Its a new Chinese import called XN Online.

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  1. Anonymous On November 23, 2008 at 8:56 PM

    Seriously, through all the ups and all the downs I have had on would not have even been half as worth it with out having you and fly and all you crazy Avalon people.

    <3 Kewtie