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World Of KungFu

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 , , 0 comments

World Of KungFu VestGame's title World Of Kung Fu isnt new. It's also gaining in popularity. I also thought that while it is really nothing new, just another asian gaming clone, its not that bad. The graphics are OK, the game play is OK. It does have that autotravel feature where you click on the map or the name of the NPC in your quest and it auto walks you there. As a new player, that is so invaluable. You dont know anyone's name... It has this weird auto train feature where you gain minutes and then spend them "leveling" while you are AFK, either online... or OFF? We think it is only when you are lower level, but I dont think any of us stayed around long enough to find out.

PVP is arena and duel style. You can PK but the penalties are weird. You get slaughter points and when you get PKed you lose them. If you get PKed a lot, you go to zero (I dont know why this is bad, there seems to be no penalty for being zero slaughter points) and can go no further down. Now you are in a perfect position to go around PKing people. The more ppl you PK, the different color your name is. You have to pay to have it removed and while your name is colored you can be killed. You cannot delevel either. Guild wars seems to be rare but they have MANY PVP events like GM organized PVP trouneys and such to give everyone a cure for the PVP itch.

We couldnt tell if the game was meant to be party play or not. It seems either works. The skills were nice and the gear is lovely. Each level has very distinct gear that is all very stereotypical but nice.

The one thing I count against this game, and it's the deal breaker for me, is that it is TOTALLY dependent on item mall. They sell their own gold, they sell EVERYTHING in the item mall. They have amarriage system and when we went to go try it out, we find that you must purchase even the basic items from the item mall. The pick up system is the dumbest. Right click the mob to view the items and then select the ones you want to pick up one at a time. But you can buy a pet from the item mall and skip this clunky process. Same with teleporting. You cant do it unless you buy scrolls from the item mall. Everytime you turn around, you confronted with some item you need that you must buy for real money. Yes, it is possible to play wihtout buying but the selling of gold by the game itself has caused an inflation that makes it impossible for the the non buying player to survive long term.

Id show you screenshots, but for some reason, they are all invalid files. Here is a link to their official gallery. WoKF Gallery Special thanks to Corrupt (as usual), Martin and t0rch for joining me. Wish I had been able to save a screenie!

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