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It's Like Riding a Bike...

Thursday, November 20, 2008 0 comments

SRA took a year to create in full... IGameLegit took about 3 days. ^^ WOW the second time around is a LOT easier. I have been working on it day and night! Fly of course does most of the coding, I do the forum and while I did the topsite the first time around, i couldnt get it to install and made him do it this time. He is cursing at the skinning right now. *hee hee* So Ill tell you a story now, one full of intrigue and danger.

Over a year ago Fly and I started our little union site off of a blogger site we were using. Fly thought it was cheesy so we got a free host and a free forum and set up shop. I started adding all the SRO information/guides I had written or designed over the last year or so into it. Fly hand coded me a simple portal so I could keep my stuff organized. But then we started to get traffic. Then we got too much traffic and our little free hosting site shut us down. We waited till the end of the month and then moved to another free host. We lasted three days.

Well a guy we knew pretty well, THC, offered to let use his his hosting. I didnt know anything about websites then and when he asked us about the domain I was clueless. So he said he gets a few free domains with his hosting and what did we want to name it. SilkRoad Addiction was born.
Fast foward about a year and a half. SRA is probably the second biggest SRO forum out there and because out friends name is on the host he gets contacted by a representative from GameRiot to add our site to their network. I would have been thrilled if I had known about it. But THC (our friend) apparently didnt want to give up control of SRA.
So a month laster there is some random thread where THC and some others are just ripping on some poor 15 year old kid. It was originally a polical debate, but it disolved into a puddle of troll food. They had found his MySpace and his Facebook and were making fun of him quite personally. I closed the thread because the elections were over and I thought it was getting out of hand. THC decided he enjoyed ripping apart some kid and reopened the thread. I disagreed and to prevent it from going further, i deleted the thread.

THC did not agree with my decision and decided it was time to take SRA from me and show me who was boss (a quote from the fourth member of our little group). I was mad at first, then sad about losing my site. Then I said, "Oh fuck it" and made a new one. I enjoyed building it WAY more than maintaining it. THC can have SRA. Dont ever let anyone have the domain to your website and dont bother building one up if you dont have a trustworthy partner in it. THC hardly lifted a finger for SRA in the two years I spent building it. Now it turns out he owns it and all my hard work. I hope I did it well enough to make it outlast me.

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