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Work is progressing on the forum. I hand coded a new post bit (technical for where your avatar goes) and I think I did a pretty good job. Im getting better, slowly learning how the whole thing works and how to fix things. I had installed something else and had to change the div tag and thought, "Hmmmm I wonder if that would work here..." and yeah, it did nicely.

I was using a trial version for the video library to see if I wanted to pay real money for the pro mod but decided against it and installed a different one. Its not as pretty but it has all the same functionality so it will work beautifully. I have all the links already and Im gonna have to learn how to write new api's for it so that I can upload more types of videos, like WeGame. Everyone is screaming for that one cause they have high def recording and playback. I havent made a movie in a long time....

I should tho. Too busy atm.

Anyways, this is just a heads up. Ill back to betas when I have some time. I havent really heard of any new ones that peak my interest but I havent looked either. ><

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