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We'd been hearing about it for weeks. The opposition was going to drum up a huge force and attack us at Thanksgiving, cause it was an American holiday and I guess they thought that none of us would be around. They thought wrong. We had most of our union there (two guilds were noob and forgot to sign up) and a couple friendly guilds from another union and of course, Avalon union is all about the PVP.

For those who dont play, SilkRoad Online has a Fortress War every two weeks. The guild that holds it sets the taxes for the attached town and makes a nice sum of gold which they can withdraw after they win the war for that week. It's more like a union vs. union war where there is no outside help. You teleport into an area, with the defending guild inside a Fortress that has defenses you have to build up over time. You can repair but there is a long cool down time. The attackers, when they die, can either spawn in the nearest town or they can erect camps inside the arena to teleport to. These can be destroyed. The Defenders just reserect inside the Fortress.

Everyone was really hyped up for this war. The last few were pretty boring. The opposition said they were "protesting" because... well, I forgot. They had some silly reason. The fortress has this one stupid glitch where if people walk against a wall and keep trying it, they will glitch to the inside. They are supposed to attack the gates and break them to get in through our defenses. They tried to break the gate... for about 30 minutes. We kept harassing them from the outside, picking them off, making them attack us. Odyssey guild did a fantastic job of that. We guarded the two side entrances to keep them off the corners they can wall hump in. After that first attack, they kinda just wilted and started doing whatever they could to just hump in. It was a mop up job. We think a lot of them left after the first 45 minutes cause they started out fun but were getting hard to find by the end of the 1st hour.

A couple got in, but they spent all their time attack a defense tower. Duuuuurrrrr?

So here are my screenshots. Too bad I didnt get one of that weak ass wizard that hit me for 50 dmg. lol I cant remember her name off the top of my head...

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