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Im gonna M'Bomma you!

Saturday, November 15, 2008 , , 0 comments

So here are some images from my time in GE. I really liked that game when I played it. I turned in my promo code and I had a choice of one of three character cards. I chose m'Bomma the wizard cause I remember that quest was kinda hard to do. I dont think I intend to actually play this game tho. I have already been to nearly 100 in it and I generally dont go back and play again. SOTNW is a great idea of a game tho. Completely unique. You level chars and then can trade them as "cards" building a "deck" of chars. They have all kinds of chars to get as well, most through quests. They also have an auto attack built in that is kinda like botting but not really because it doesnt pick up items and easily fails. The game is beautiful, probably one of the best there is and as a free game with only item mall, you cant beat it. I havent ever really participated in faction wars yet because you gotta be Veteran (high level) I think to really enjoy it.
The war on SilkRoad Online was a complete PHAIL. The other side canceled so I am totally deflated now. I was looking forward to the big fight! GRRR! Caping is fun and all, but there is no substitute for a real war! In SOTNW you can force another clan to fight you against their will and that would be awesome if most games did that. IRL you dont get to refuse war! Realism in gaming isnt high on anyone's list of priorities. Too many people would pick on low levels and make it less fun for the majority, but one can dream....

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