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Moving Day!

Monday, November 17, 2008 0 comments

Well kinda. Here is the deal. On SRO there are a lot of bots. I think even saying "a lot" is a gross understatement. There are more bots than people who don't bot by like 50/1. Maybe worse than that. So when the server Venus opened all of us in TheEMPIRE, well all the real ones, packed up and left Xian to go there and try to make a legit controlled server. For the most part it has been a raging success. We got legit players from all over SRO to concentrate in one place and whoop botter ass. Avalon has had the fortress since the server opened and our community, The Legit Confederated Unions, has been super healthy.
So it no longer works so well on our old site, SRA. Its actually more active and I pretty much post there only. So we are packing it up and moving it to new digs. I bought hosting and a new domain for it and everything. Fly is busy designing a new portal and I am working on getting the bugs out of the forum. IGameLegit is poised for greatness. It's another big project, but then I love those. I had more fun building SRA than I have had maintaining it.
So bring on the noobs, the trolls and the haters cause I am ready and waiting. And if you just wanna hang out with a bunch of legit players then come on over. It wont be as specificly SRO as SRA was so even those that have quit are welcome.

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