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O..M..G.. So I had entered a contest from to win something which I have since forgotten. Im sure it was something gamerlicious. I am a chronic surfer and always enter silly contests for gamer booty. is a great site for contests so I go there often. I entered a contest there and won a mysterious bonus kit for Sword of the New World (SOTNW).
I have already had some experience with this game before. Not this version, which is run through the same company as Knight Online, but with the Philippine version called Granado Espada.

Corrupt, Bob, Demarthl, Fly and I all went together. We played for a while too. It was a great game before it was invaded by bots and then Granado staff started talking about going pay-to-play which always makes me slam on the gamer breaks. SOTNW was just getting started around the time we quit and we never really bothered to try it out.
So I had entered that contest and won a bonus kit of some kind and I was anxious to see what it could be! The email I got from wasnt too clear and it had an ominous message as well. "I would suggest GameBorder as the other partners currently have corrupted clients and are still fixing" That didnt sound good.
So I set up the download and went to bed, assured that I would be playing in the morning and have some great blog fodder. Alas no! Even the recommended download site has issues and I can only download parts 2 & 3. GRRR! So my review of SOTNW is thwarted and I am stuck telling you this lame story. Le sigh, fire zee missiles! Maybe Ill hunt around for a good download and try SOTNW out or then again, maybe not. There is a big war brewing on my server tomorrow and I of course will be in the thick of it taking many screenies which I will post.

update: OK, I couldnt stand it and went looking around and found a torrent that seems to be well seeded so Im downloading it overnight... again. *shakes fist*

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