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Warrior Epic

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 1 comments

New MMO out today...

I like it. I havent been able to say I like a new MMO recently but this one is ok.

Lead an army of warriors into the wilderness, recover ancient artifacts and fend off barbaric tribes carrying the wicked heritage of the warmongers of ancient times.

Warrior Epic is an action-packed free MMORPG set in a vibrant fantasy world. Take command of a variety of Warriors through solo, PvP, and multiplayer dungeon-raiding adventures.

Combine strategy with your battle skills through the unique Spirit System. Build up your party of adventurers in your own customized Warrior Hall.

Warrior Epic is free to download and play with lots of opportunities to enhance your characters, your Warrior Hall, and your game experience with micro-transactions.

It's certainly different than your usual preconceived notions of an MMO. It doesnt have a big map, just a game lobby (I think a town like Guildwars would be better and make it seem more like an MMO) but the graphics in the instances are pretty nice. The game IS really buggy right now, but then, it just opened today and Ill give them credit for that. I like the classes, tho, I wish you could have a male or a female of each one instead of just your straight char model for each one.

I also like the twist on the micro-transaction model. It's inevitable but at least it can be done in a less intrusive way. You can sell chars you build for gold or buy gold with real money. With that gold you can buy potions or change the look of your char or quarters. No buying uber gears or anything like that, its just chars and cosmetics. BIG THUMBS UP FROM ME FOR THAT ONE.

TIP: If you download the game, either the quick DL or the full, it hangs up at the update. I found that instead of letting it stay on "checking..." and no doing anything, opening and closing the client a couple times jumpstarted it.

Here is my one screenshot. lol Yes, Im only level 4. Leveling is surprisingly slow.

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