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Twelve Sky 2

Sunday, May 31, 2009 , 1 comments


OK... I might have found a new game. Im not sure yet, it's new still but I really like this one. Its similar to Silkroad but still unique. It doesn't shove a bunch of quests in face, it's definitely a grind based game. I made it to 30 (Fly outleveled me, OMG) in a single day because there was a bonus event going on and its really fun. The download was fast and had no problems. I had no problems connecting. No errors, no ID issues (i have had an account with Aria for years now). It bodes well for this game....

There are three factions, they all look different but have a similar game play. Three weapons, one ranged. Im still not sure about my build so I am winging it. I mean Im used to pure str or pure int and this game has like Chi and Dex. *confused* Ill figure it out.

Things that stand out as awesome. Lots of people. I LOVE THAT. So many people talking and interacting. Grind based instead of quest based. I can just go make a party with my buddies and whack at things. YAY! Gear driven. WOOOOO I love getting new gear all the time and this has uniques (drop relatively often) and rares that are really rare. Alchemy system seems fun. They have a weird war thing that happens every so often where it asks you if you want to go fight a war. Uhhhhh is a frog's ass watertight? YES! So you go and each faction has a side and you either attack or defend your base. The last base standing wins. FUN! It changes as you level too to give it variety. Making a guild is a real effort and not something that you can do until you are higher level. THANK YOU. There are dungeons and caves with increased spawns. AOE heaven! The mob/level progression is easy to follow.

Things that arent so awesome. I dont have the problem but a few people are experiencing lag. I never do, but I have seen others die from it. The graphics are mediocre. Skills are spare and take a long time to level up. The animations are lacking and are repetitious. My char plays a lute and it looks like air guitar. It uses a stall system instead of an auction house. Im not sure why they want that system as it causes lag and makes it hard to find items you need. The buttons are small and the UI isnt attractive at all. Chat is clunky and weird with both fight notifications and chat on the same side.

The bad things are easy to overlook because the good things are stellar. Here are some screens. Top is just out leveling and the bottom is that war instance that pops up. We get cool ninja outfits. WOOO!

1 Comment

  1. Ervin Ling On June 1, 2009 at 10:12 PM

    I have a few question:
    wat is the site for this game?
    where i can download?

    It is nice... although it is a bit like comic, but the scenery is far nicer than SRO.

    Been playing SRO for 4 yrs.. i wish to try new thing that is free of charge ^^

    -Cabal: out
    -Lineage II : out
    these game have bad graphic. and high memory needed for it.