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This was posted in the IGL forums and I thought it was a great idea, so I am passing this along via my blog to get it more exposure.

Hi players,

As an active player and member of the French Silkroad Online community, I'd like to ask you all guys for your help.
We all know that Silkroad online is infested by bots and players who don't give a damn about a legit and good game environment. Recently connecting to the servers has become worse than ever due to new bot programms allowing players to connect plenty of characters easily on a single pc ... And obviously Joymax doesn't do anything. The point is, I like this game, and I'm pissed when I try to log on for 30 minutes before getting dc because of poor server stability.
Doing something is not easy, as we can't really convince everyone not to buy silks for a while or something like that to make Joymax understand. But doing nothing and just complaining won't help either.

So I have a very basic idea, yet it IS something to do and that won't cost more than a few minutes to each of you. Just use the mail service to send to Joymax an e-mail explaining how bad the situation is. Since my point is not to waste your time I even wrote an example e-mail. You just have to copy-paste it and send it. Steps for using the Mail Service will be detailed. The more e-mails sent, the better. This is not a big threat or anything for Joymax but at least it'd make them know.

As I said there is no point in complaining but doing nothing. Please send as many e-mails as possible and spread the word, event with your alt acounts if you have. It won't take you long and it might be worth it.

And for people who think all this is worthless and that it won't change anything, keep being pessimistic but please don't come here and just flood to show you disagree. This post is only aimed for people wanting to do something, I don't wanna debate on the utility to send those mails (else I wouldn't be here obviously) or why botting is bad.

I say it again, please consider taking 3 minutes to log on Silkroad website, copy-paste the example mail below and send it to the mail service.

If you could do this and answer this post saying you did so it'd be great, as it'd allow me to keep a track on how many mails have been sent yet. I already sent mine, so please just do as I did.

How to use the Mail Service :
- You must have an account with a character level 20 or more.
- Go to the Silkroad Online official site : JOYMAX.COM - Global Hub of Fun :: SilkroadOnline
- Login.
- In the left menu, clic "Support" and then "Contact Support". You will be redirected to the Joymax Portal.
- In the bottom frame named "Recommended Reply", clic on "Type Content" to start writing the mail.
- Category : "General"
- Adress : "-" (or anything)
- Title : "Help Request : Save Silkroad Online"
- Server : choose your server
- Character : type your character name
- Content : copy-paste the example e-mail that you can find further in this post.
- Clic "Register" to send.

Message to be sent :
Hello Joymax,

The aim of this e-mail is simple : I like Silkroad Online but I don't like bots and illegal programs.
Recently it has become worse than ever to connect to the servers due to massive traffic and goldbot invasion.
Please do something about this issue. Ban the bots, prevent goldbots from logging on and destroying the game.
The issue is huge and serious. So please do something. Fast.

Thank you.

The message is short but clear. The aim is not to be long but rather to send as much mails as possible.

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- Silkroad France
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Don't hesitate to copy this message on any other Silkroad related forum.



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  1. Anonymous On June 22, 2009 at 1:38 PM

    hi, in my opinion its not just ppl who use illegal programs, but joymax itself, joymax create bots so people would buy premium and therefore joymax will get money.