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So how political can one little video game be? Silkroad, I love it, but sometimes, it is so outrageous it makes me laugh. There is a big rivalry between my union and some bot union on the server. I made IGameLegit, they made their own version of the site by twisting the name. Half their members are some variation of the name "Fack Avalon". We have been stalked, our real names and locations ferretted out and in one stunning case, a woman paid one of our members to come visit her and then slept with him. (yes... srsly... I know... )

So for the last week, since the whole "Sleeping with the Enemy" scandal, this rival union has been talking and talking about taking over the fortress and defeating Avalon union once and for all. We have had the fortress since it came out, for over a year now... something like 44 consecutive wars. I usually take idle threats with the usual eye rolling contempt they deserve and move on but they really wanted a fight. So we rallied the troops... I think about 20 of us. Everyone else was kinda busy. Our old friend Asyamura came, he stopped leveling at the last cap so he was kinda low level, but it's always nice to see old buddies.

Seeing them massed outside the gates made my toes curl, I gotta say. I love, love, LOVE PVP. Gritty, wild, out of control PVP in a large group is so much fun to me, so I was all bubbling over with glee when I saw them. They claimed 80 members, but it was probably less. For their sakes, Ill say that at least.

It was a great battle. Some highlights were CaitSidhe, level 94 blader, wrecking about 40 of the opposition's members alone, outside West gate. A single party of level 4X-5X hammerers took out all the enemy Command posts which forces them to res outside the arena and run back in. The roving SuddenDeath party did regular sweeps outside the gates and ShioN_vzla was the first to get the Commander status. Perfect communication kept every gate over 60% with the party leaders functioning perfectly. Odyssey guild, the holder of the server's Bandit Den fortress, fought off a horde of jihadding Turks with a skeleton crew and succeeded through sheer tactics. They are also in my union, YAY! It was a marvel to behold and I am in awe of these hardy group of stalwhart pros.

So what is the moral of the story? It's quality my dearies, not quantity that wins the wars. Avalon union guilds are full of the top people on the server because even the least of us is better than some dumb cheater. Gratz to the union, to SuddenDeath, to Odyssey, to Nox, to Ninjitsu, to Dragonheart, to Rapture and to Avalon.

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  1. Anonymous On May 1, 2009 at 7:47 AM

    oooh 94 blader, DO WANT. I should invest some time in this game after I've settled my rabid desire to play tons of games when I get my new rig, I think, if I wasn't such a low level, that I might actually enjoy myself.