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Silkroad II

Friday, April 24, 2009 , 1 comments

Summary: According to sources, Korea-based Joymax, the developer of Silkroad, will unveil many new projects at the release conference scheduled to be held in late May, including Silkroad 2 and Project G which are in development stage. Silkroad 2, the sequel to Silkroad, is scheduled to launch open beta in 2011. Joymax is expected to unveil the main content and development direction relating to the game at this release conference. In addition, Joymax will also unveil the planning, main content and launch schedule of its latest title Project G at the release conference, as well as the launch date of Bumpy Crash, large-scale update of Silkroad, and announce a new game they recently acquired. (source: MMOSITE)

This started out as a rumor about 2 months ago but it seems to be gaining in strength. It figures that JM hasnt fixed the SRO bot problem because its not fixable and so maybe they are making a new version of the game that encompasses the good things without the bad. Who knows, but I will DEFINATELY be watching out for it. Im not even gonna comment on "Bumpy Crash". OK, yes I am. It sounds stupid. Im sure it will be way more fun than it sounds.

1 Comment

  1. djanan On July 8, 2009 at 3:47 PM

    ok, how great would that be? i mean gfx improved (we hope) betters skills, alchemy system (we hope) and no bots... notice lack of "we hope"... we know JM wont fix the bot issue even in sro II... but miracles have happened before...