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Well yeah, its done. I wanted to make a download center for my website to distribute the various renders and fantkits I have collected over the years. I had them all in my MediaFire account but then, due to events outside my control, I had to make them all private. I didnt want to have to download them and reup them somewhere else, make a new thread, organize them and post them all. SO I decided to go look for a nice download center script. I found a nice one at RedGalaxy and got it all installed. That is the easy part.

Skinning, my worst nightmare, is next. Oh it makes my brain ache just thinking about it. I messed it up, over and over, Fly came and helped me till he had to go to bed, then I accidentally uploaded the wrong file and completely destroyed all the hard work I had done. ARGHHH! Trying to fix it, I accidentally overwrote the index page of IGL. DOUBLE ARGHHH! I sent Fly some frantic, late night text messages, which of course he slept through. So I went to Cruor and asked if he had a backup of the main page. He didnt but fixed it in ten seconds. *whew* He also spent 30 minutes skinning the Media Center. <3 Media Center

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