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So today was the first day the Bandit Den Fortress was up for grabs. I have two chars, well, two that I am currently playing. My main, a level 90 cleric stayed in our main guild and defended the Jangan Fortress and my secondary char, a 64 glaiver went into our secondary guild and helped to take the new fortress.
I was kinda nervous at first because there is always a possibility that we gambled wrong and that most of the attacking guilds weren't going for the new Bandit Den Fortress, but I have learned to trust my friend Fly's tactical prowess and just do what he says. About 15 of us waited nervously at the Jangan Fortress, a far riper plum financially speaking, for the onslaught. It was like waiting to get a shot, the anticipation building.... building..... and then.... NOTHING. No one came. lol Like 4 opposing members from the Armagedon guild came and we killed them over and over for about an hour listening to the fight for the Bandit Den Fortress in Ventrilo.
First Odyssey, our Union mates, got it and we were all like YAY!!! All of us at the Jangan Fortress were like "Grrrr!" because that sounded like some fantastic PVP!!! But then after holding it for almost an hour, the opposition finally broke through and Odyssey lost it. This of course chucks everyone out of the fortress and the new holder (which was SuddenDeath) has 5 minutes or so to prepare to lose it. I couldn't stand it.
I logged off my main, and logged onto my alternate char. I tried to run through the opposing players but I got slaughtered over and over. Finally I get a party and make it in to help hammer away at the gates. We only had 30 minutes till the end of the war and took the heart in about 15 of them. Thank goodness you don't lose much XP in Fortress War!
I'm glad I switched chars. I couldn't really fight, but it was cool to just be there in that mass of people mobbing the gates. SuddenDeath didn't do their homework apparently because they didn't really defend the gates, they didn't put up any barriers, they just waited for us at the heart. I'm sure they fought well tho because they DID take it from Ody at first.
So Odyssey ended up winning the fortress and we all jumped and cheered. Those screens above were posted by _Ace_ at another forum but I thought they were fabulous.

To see who won the Fortress Wars every week, view or subscribe to the Fortress War feed at IGL. OK,I'm going to bed. Between fortress wars, Christmas and family parties Im so tired I'm sure this post is my customarily incoherent mess of huh, like all post Fortress War posts are. Ill probably delete it later.

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