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Dear diary!

Am I the only one who does this random action?

When i'm in town I usually look through all stalls, and when I see a stall full of sox and random crap, I understand that the guy is new and dont know that the sox is worth 0, I always buy a few items to get him some gold to get started on the server, same for consignment, always buy elixirs that I dont need to feed ppl some gold so they dont quit due to povery, and put in tons of stones into consignment just so ppl can find what they need? I think its a easy geasture thats healthy for the community and more should do it, if you see a newb, help him out, even if you know you'll npc the shit you jsut bought from him

So friday was a active day on the server I heard, I was out all day due to good weather, meaning my guide in previous post failed.

There was 3 parties at naiad ksing eachother, I really enjoyed it, more fun not knowing if you'll get the kill or not
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In the evening we decided to level our lowlvls that we recruited from another private server(not naming it but you all know wich one I mean:) )

and we got some thieves coming in invis/stealth zerking us over nad over for a good hour, was fun to combine grinding with pvp, they even whiped us twice meaning it wasnt 100% secure, making the cave fun

When I heard they where adding the job cave, this is what I imagined, thieves and hunters going back and forth slaughtering eachother, and it will get even better with the uniques!

I just must add. This guy "Devils" keeps running around asking me when im going to return his garment egy set that I scammed from him. Reason he started saying this is because I was killing Monsters over and over for stealing a 2hand when he was in Infensus union, calling him a scammer, about 5min later I got the hole SaintSinner cough I mean SainktSinner guild standing around me telling me to return a garmetn set xD

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I guess it's a great tactic, if someone accuses you of something, accuse that person of the same thing!

As for some server news. I've seen less and less shadow, but instead i've seen another guild called DarkDivision wich is made out of ex-infensus, a new thiefguild wich is doing really great. They got a good 20* Zenobia told me in the ravine today with 4 people. Guess they should be counted as a threat since they can kill and steal, I hope they'll keep growing, they got a good core, wich is the recipe to a good start for a guild. 
Also I'd like to say WB to Vaya, him and naira are like the good and the bad,they are both wizards, running around in the jobcave all day zerking/offering ppl one is a hunter, one is a thief, both loves jobbing.

I love to see this, and also i've been monitoring activity on server. I like the boast its gotten from Legend 4 first patch, lets hope it keeps going this direction. Only concern is that homesite is going up and down, making less peopl ebe able to find us, download us, join our community. So lets hope it stabilizes asap.

Over and out. 


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