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Introducing....  Silkroad Salvation!

Cap: 70
Skills: 110 (Redesigned to fit 70 cap)
Solo Exp Rate: 4x
Party ExP Rate: 2x
SP Rate: 5x
Gold Rate: 0.5x
Item Rate: 4x
Trade Goods Rate: Some routes are 2x iSro, some are up to 7x iSro
Item Mall: Provides cosmetic and luxury items that will not effect PvP

About a level 70 cap:

High level caps create a huge gap in the community between the start of the game and lowest sustainable party level. A 70 cap server would put the lowest sustainable party level somewhere around crabs, which is something people wont mind soloing to on a 4x solo exp bonus rate. After crabs, parties should be plentiful on a 70 cap legit server. A cap of 80 puts the party level at sungsungs, 90 puts it at the ice, and 100 kills low level parties altogether leaving only power-leveling as a viable way to level up. We want to avoid repeating the mistakes of iSro and that begins with a 70 cap that will not ever go up.

What about higher level content?

Since the files are unlikely to ever be released again, the 110 content we currently have is the only content any vsro based pserver will ever be able to provide. Which means with some reworking, we can tailor fit that content to a 70 cap and offer a vast endgame of repeatable fun content without having to ever raise the cap!

What is unique about Silkroad Salvation?

Silkroad Salvation aims at taking Silkroad to the next level. We want to eliminate the grind treadmill and turn silkroad into a viable game for both casuals and hardcore players. Our main focus is PvP content. We did this by moving Battle Arena onto a 2 hour timetable replacing the lame campfest of CTF. PvP players will not need to grind a second past 70. All there gear will be available via battle arena along with the tablets and elixers needed to pimp the gear out.

PvE players are not left out. We are adding mini-uniques all around the gameworld with drops worth fighting for. PvE instances such as Roc and Pharaohs Tomb will drop gear equivalent to the PvP gear. No matter your playstyle, you will be able to enjoy the game and be competitive.


Official Silkroad Salvation Client

Download the client. Upzip it and launch using silkroad.exe
If you can connect to the login screen, you're good to go!

If you already have a vSro Client

Salvation media.pk2

Salvation sro_client

Download the files. Unzip and put the salvation media.pk2 into
your client folder and overwrite the existing pk2. Then put the
salvation sro_client into the client folder and also overwrite the
old one. Then launch the game. If you did everything correctly,
you should be able to get onto the log in screen.

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