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Busy, Busy, BUSIER

Friday, August 28, 2009 , , 3 comments

It's been both boring and eventful lately. My cat got her first shots. She was a brave kitten and didnt bite or scratch ANYONE. I was impressed. My once Silkroad Online website is now completely devoted to Aion Online. That involved a lot of deleting (which I must say was TOTALLY difficult). I still have a lot of SRO resources that are up for grabs like a complete Wiki and all my silkroad renders and images Ive collected over the years (image kits). I'm not ever going back to SRO. I dont have it on my comp, I only saved a handful of screenshots. Its like getting a divorce. SRO and I have been together for 5 years but we've lose that lovin' feeling and it's gone... gone... gone... whoaoaoaoaoaw. (If you dont get it, watch this video)

We have organized a donation drive at Aion Arena. We used our first bunch of donations to get a Signature Generator. It's super easy to use and takes absolutely no skills at all. You can just generate text, drag and drop it where you want it on the backgrounds. There are 115 backgrounds and growing so everyone should be able to find something they like. Not everyone can make their own graphics so this is good for them.

I also made a new flash for the main page of the webiste. It has a story behind it too. I made one and didnt like it at all. It was my graphics and even I thought they were hideous but I had a creative drought. So I asked Fly about flashes or sites that he liked and after a few minutes of him sending me sites, he found some article about website trends. The number one trend is embossed lettering. So I read the whole article, noticing that big text and plain backgrounds are also a nice trend. I go online and look for a tutorial on how to make that embossed lettering. I find one, make the panels for my flash and get it up. The first thing that Cruor says, "It looks like the CS4 icons." I go and look at them and yeah, they do. MUTHAF****A! I dont care though, I like the flash and it's staying. ^^ Damn Adobe and their trend setting icons!!!

So we are all still sitting around starting at eachother, waiting for Aion to start back up again. It does so on the 6th of September. See ya on the Triniel server!

Here is a recent pic of Ferocia.... I took it about 5 minutes ago. I've compiled a complete web album of pics of her.