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OK, so Ive had a full day to play this game. Yes, I still love it. It's beautiful, involved, has a great story and the amount of interaction between you and the environment is awesome. Its a bit linear. I mean, you cant really stray too far from the path they set. You go down a corridor of NPCs and monsters, picking up quests along the way. It may get better at higher levels. Ill get more involved as I play to a higher level because EVERYONE has given a basic rundown of how Aion is in the first ten levels. I just wanted to add how much I like it and how glad I am that I bought the Collector's edition cause flying is really kick ass. I suck at it but Im getting better.

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  1. Anonymous On July 6, 2009 at 9:39 AM

    Hm I like this kind of blog entries. Back on RS I had a blog full of these with over 20 pages. Good screenshots, interesting read. If you plan to continue making Aion related entries when the official comes out, I'll definitely be reading your blog on a regular basis ^^

    Nice blog bloomie ;)