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I have a little list of resources for you for the Legend IV update that is coming soon (rumors are for the 17th, delayed from the 3rd because of the Titan server rollback). I have a nice list of links from all over the internet. Once the update occurs, all this information will be compiled into the wiki, but here are the sneak peeks I have found so far...

FileFront Client DL: Click to Download - Faster than JM's peer to peer download by a LOT.

Maps: PaiNs Blog - These are the nicest ones I have seen so far as a hybrid between the old ones done in Chinese and the new ones that were done by someone at the MMOSite (they were hideous).

Everything else: Zatomik's Update Site - Good stuff here, especially the list of elements you will need for stones. Also weapons, maps, gears and a partial quest list.


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