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I like to shop. I especially like to shop for bargains. I do that in real life and I do that in my game as well. Here is my favorite method of making in game money in Silkroad Online. It would probably work in ANY game that doesn't bind high end gear on pickup. (something I hate)
First you gotta start getting to know your market. This is pretty easy but time consuming. You also dont need to have a perfect memory or write things down, you just need to develop an impression of what things are worth generally. Silkroad Online has a stall network, so this isnt hard to do. Every day, twice a day look at the stall network and glance around at what things are selling for. I say twice because different times tend to have different standards. Nights in North America are going to have different prices than days. Nighttime has a completely different community actually.

Next, create a stall char. Make it on your same account so passing gear is easy. Why make a stall char? Because then you don't have to worry about politics being involved in your stalling. It's just a good idea. Take off it's weapon (or use a level 1 sun for extra flashyness) and use an extra avatar suit on it if you have one. Try to look like a "real player" and not a staller. If you happen to have an opportunity to buy a guild for storage or can make one, this is a good char to put it on. Also, if you choose to put your stall on a different account, linking your main to that staller is easy through a guild's storage. (make an alt on your main, add it to the guild and give it storage rights) I also use a stall avatar (the full one) but I dont think that really matters a whole lot, I think it just encourages the impression that I am a "real player" and not a gold bot selling items or just a stall char.

Now the important bits, buying gear. Buying daytime gear and selling it at night (or vice versa) is a very easy way to make some gold. Keep an eye out for good deals. They're out there. I find selling elements for gold to be both boring and slow. Prospective buying is riskier and more fun. You also need to be patient. Watch out for people who are doing what you do. If they have a stall full of random SOS items, they aren't giving you a deal. Talk to people. Leave messages in stalls and try to get a better price. I get a lot of gear at great prices that way. Most people cant stall for long periods of time so they want to unload that gear and get something new. Leave them a message both in their stall and in their message box so that they are more likely to respond. Don't over look gear that has very high stats/blues/+ and isn't SOS,S,M. That stuff can sell for just as high a profit.

Pricing, this is the hardest part. Here is my basic formula and it is VERY flexible. I never NPC any gear. Even things that I bought at the NPC. It all will sell eventually. If it sells for more than the NPC will buy it, you're ahead.

1. NPC Price x2 if white.
2. NPC Price X4 if good whites, some blues, plus 3 or 4.
3. Add some more (depends on degree, 500K - 2 mil) if there is something exceptional, but it is alone like more than 4 blues or a single 100% stat.
4. If the item has more than the basics outlines above, it depends on your market. (see above about knowing your market)

Location doesn't matter a whole lot. Find a place that is on the path people take from spawn point to potions or blacksmith. This maximizes your chances of grabbing an impulse buyer, someone who happens to see your stall and clicks it. Use a descriptive title on your stall, not just the default. Say what you are selling to attract that guy walking past. DON'T LIE. Most of the time, in Hotan, people selling certain things tend to group together. On Venus, Suns and other high end items are at the Stable, elements/stones and tabs are at the Jeweler, etc. I avoid these niche areas. Also, do not put your stall on an NPC, that just pisses off people. I know people like to put their stalls in hidden places to avoid getting DCed and that is OK if you don't think the random stall checker you will miss matters.

The last thing, the most important in fact... BE PATIENT. If it doesn't sell today, save it. I price things more than I think they may sell for and then either let myself get bargained down or slowly lower it over a series of weeks. YES WEEKS. If done correctly, you should have a whole inventory full of items that you are cycling in and out. I use a variety. A stall full of SOS makes me think that seller is a gold bot and who wants to give them more gold to sell, so I always have a mix of one or two SOS items, some good plus or blued stuff and regular drops that most people would have NPC'd (unless you use the hidden stall tactic above, then it doesnt matter).

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